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Questions and answers contributed by guests and members and consolidated from our discussion area
Question My husband Bill and I have traded into Westwind for the week of February 6-13. We will be staying in unit 1, along with another couple. We have never even seen the resort, except for all the pictures on this site. It seems like most people at this resort are owners who do not trade but who return each year. That sounds like a good sign that the resort will be a good place to stay. Any comments or advice for a group of newcomers?

My sibs in Napa, and I, are planning to purchase a timeshare at the Westwind Club. I've not been to the facility. Would you recommend it? Any downside?

Hi All! My husband and I just purchased sight unseen week 30 at the recommendation of our long time friends who own week 31 & 32. I have been reading all the comments and helpful hints and it certainly sounds as if we will enjoy ourselves. Anyone out there that will be there in that week and has any input I would appreciate it . Jackie

Answer Because of the way the complex is laid out, and it's location between 2 private estates, It's a quiet peaceful place to relax unless you manage to round up a party at the club house. Westwind is located within a 10 minute walk of a large casino complex in one direction and a grocery store in the other. There is a liquor store directly across the street, as well as an excellent restaurant and several pastry shops. The restaurant is only open for evening dining. You can have pizza delivered. It's usually best, if you arrive early enough, to stock up on breakfast, snack items and liquid refreshments right away since shopping hours are limited on Sundays. You can get hamburgers, hot dogs , & chicken at the pool bar after 12 noon. The clubhouse bar is open till 6:00 pm. We usually use Eddie and his cab to get groceries so we can hurry to the clubhouse. I would recommend you have your cabby stop at the grocery store on the way in from the airport; that way you can start enjoying yourself right away.

Chris, you are going to love your week at Westwind. You can be as busy or as lazy as you wish. Before I purchased a week I traded to go there and I would recommend you make a point of going to the happy hours, you will meet everyone else who is there at the same time you are, which will greatly enhance your trip. Also, read Pete's message about the store hours on Sunday if you arrive late on Saturday. Have a great time!!


Myself, my wife Lisa and another couple traded for Jan 23 to the 30th and it was great. The weather and hospitality from the staff were unsurpassed. The unit was well maintained and roomy. THANKS AGAIN FOR A GREAT WEEK. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! THANKS,  MARK


We went to Westwind Club in February and had a delightful vacation. The units were clean and well supplied. The beach was small, as we had heard, but when you are the only ones there, it's plenty big enough compared to the massive crowds at the larger resorts. Be sure to have one of Donny's burger lunches at the clubhouse, and of course try to be around for the happy hour... beer or drinks for $2. Take a few dry goods and condiments with you, as the grocery prices are pretty steep. Above all, in the Bahamas, try to get to know the locals. They are so friendly and helpful, and they have a totally different life from us northerners. You will also meet most of the people staying at the resort. It's so small that we pretty well got to talk to everyone. You will meet Lauren at the office on your first day. She's a gem. On Tuesday, a couple comes over and shows their fashion collection for men, women and kids. They were terrific. The prices were better than any we saw downtown. And they even made me a special skirt to order.. in one day!! You have a great vacation coming up. Enjoy!

Will look forward to meeting you the week of the 17th as I will be there as well. Make sure to go to daily happy hour as it is where you will meet everyone else. The only other thing I would make sure to bring (in addition to other responses) is a beverage container that is not glass for poolside. See you soon!


A lot depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. There are some very busy, fast paced resorts in the Bahamas, but Westwind Club is not that way. It is the comfy, quiet place to come home to each evening. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The units are clean and well stocked (everything but a dishwasher). We were there in February with another couple. The units are supposed to sleep 6 people, but with only one bathroom, I would not have more than 4 people. The property is long and narrow, with 22 units on either side of a driveway leading to the clubhouse at the oceanfront. We spent many hours at the clubhouse, especially for the Sunday welcome barbecue and the nightly happy hour. The beach is small, but when you are the only people on the beach, it doesn't seem so small. The view of the ocean, the cruise ships headed into Nassau kept us fascinated each morning and evening. The pool is heated, and again it is small, but not crowded. The bus to Nassau stops at the top of the driveway every few minutes or if you want to get to the Cable Beach hotels and casino, it is a pleasant 10-15 minute walk. Westwind Club is the best resort for proximity to stores. There is a liquor store and two bakeries across the street, a pizzeria just a bit farther, and several good restaurants within walking distance. I don't know how Westwind Club is for trading, but from the number of owners we met the week we were there, I don't think many people want to go elsewhere. We own at Orange Lake and Vistana in Orlando, and I still think of Westwind Club as a terrific resort. I certainly would go back as often as possible. Good luck. Chris

Kathy and I have been going there for three years. Each year we rented and loved it so much we just purchased a week. We've been to many resorts and have to tell you that this is the best. Both the staff and people who go there are terrific. We strongly recommend Westwind and as such there is absolutely no downside.


What you should consider is that Westwind is owner operated. This means there is no 5 year subsidy on maintenance fees from the developer. In other words if your maintenance is $300 per year the developer will pick up 50% bringing the fee to $150.00 per year . This is done to attract people to buy time share at the rates of $8000.00-12000.00 per week. When you factor the difference between Westwind and other resorts it would take you approximately 20 years at Westwind's rate to make up the difference and given Westwind's management the costs are always a priority. In addition the staff is unique as they are very personable and know every owner and their family and then some. You will not find the Westwind staff atmosphere at any other resort. As far as unit 1 is concerned ,we spent a week with the couple in 1 and heard no complaints about the noise, nor the walk to the beach and pool. Again I believe there is no downside to this club.


My husband & I enjoyed our stay at the club. We had purchased week 30 and it was everything we wanted in a vacation. Friendly people, willing to help with any information and the units were well kept. We met a lot of nice people and will return next year.


Great week ! Although we own week 29 both Kathy and I stay an extra week . The people and staff are the best you'll meet. We will see you there!!!!


hello mr robinson,
                       I just wanted to take this time to thank you and the staff  at the Westwind for giving me and my guests a wonderful place to vacation...I cant tell you enough how GREAT a place the westwind is. Every year i go, i enjoy it that much more....Its my second family home...This year i will be there for 3 weeks from june 8th to june 29th..than i return at times in october...i cant get enough of the westwind and everyone there....i love to travel and i know there are so many other places in this world to go to, but the westwind is always my place of choice..The staff is amazing.the caring and kindness..the personal touches are so wonderful...again..i thank you for a wonderful place... 


Have been owners for 10 years now and can't wait to get back to Westwind in November for two weeks. In case Steve, Lauren or Donny see this.....take care and we'll see you for weeks 46 and 47 with Bob and Carole and the kids! For those that don't know, Westwind is the best!

Having been owners at Westwind for twenty years, with each visit we try to discover something new and exciting to do during our week. This year we found the new Fast Ferry Service to Harbor Island and Eluethra to be a real delightful day trip. It is a large air-conditioned boat...seats up to 177 people. It travels to Harbor Island and beautiful pink sand beaches is about two hours. It's comfortable, scenic, relaxing and great fun...not to mention on time. So..if you're visiting Westwind and want something unique, be sure to give this a try. It leaves early in the morning from Potters Cay and returns at 6:30 in the evening. By the way, Westwind looked fantastic! We can't wait for our next visit.

Question Will be staying at Westwind for Christmas and New Years. How is the weather at that time? I have heard that there are several island celebrations and we are really interested in attending these. Any information regarding this would really be appreciated
Answer My family and I have gone to Westwind over Christmas and New Year's for the past 10 years. It is a great time to go. The weather is great and there is so much to do. There's a parade called Junkanoo on Boxing Day and on New Years Day. It's a parade in the middle of the night downtown. It is an amazing sight! There also a lot to do on New Years eve. Hope this helps, Anne 
Question Hi again, all. We're really getting excited...only a week until we come (we're from Sacramento). I bet you're excited too, Peg! Question: can someone tell us if there is a laundry mat on-site, or close? We'll be coming for 2 weeks, and it would sure help our packing if we knew about laundry facilities! Thanks!!
Answer The laundry area is attached to the main clubhouse. It is also used by the housekeeping staff. If you need to use it, you probably will have no problem during the week.

Tokens for the laundry machines are available at the office.


Do any of the units have 2 bathrooms. Where is it located if there is only one?

Answer Sorry-all units only have 1 bathroom

The bathroom is located 1/2 way up the stairs-right in the middle between the 2 levels.

Question At high tide do you lose the beach area completely. From what I can see from the pictures, it looks small, but beautiful
Answer At high tide and a very stiff wind, the water rolls all the way up the sand between waves. Normally there is always some dry beach!
Question I am coming in September and I was just wondering if there will be a lot of construction going on. I wasn't sure if there are a lot of changes being planned-it seemed that way from this web site. If someone can answer, thanks...
Answer There is no MAJOR construction that occurs when you are there as well as any other week. What the club does is renovate or make minor changes in units that are unoccupied. There are no construction crews on site and everything is done by the staff. i.e. couches are changed, fans are hung etc. You never realize this is being done. Great people and staff are there, so enjoy yourself as you picked the best resort to be at.

Major work is performed during two maintenance weeks which are not assigned to anyone.

Question The other drawback would be if you were far away from the pool/beach, like Unit #1, which is directly next to the street...noisy.
Answer We've owned a week in Unit 1 for 19 years, and have never noticed any noise! Also it only takes about 2 minutes to waddle to the beach. The advantage is that it's not far to carry the beer from the liquor store across the street. (grin)
Question My week is coming up in April and it looks like I will not be able to use it. I am not sure I want to bank it with RCI, so I may rent it out. Does anyone know how I do this? Any info is appreciated.
Answer Either rent it out yourself, or e-mail the club and let them try to rent it out (for a commission of course) Use the E-mail address on the reservations page under availability.
Question Hello everyone. We will be utilizing unit 26 April 17 to May 1. We're really looking forward to SCUBA and relaxing. Have never been to the Bahamas. Sounds like your club is really 'together'! What can we expect? Are the kitchens fully equipped? Are there two bathrooms in the units? Thanks for any info you can give...Nurk
Answer The kitchens have everything except dishwashers. There is one bathroom between the master and loft bedroom. Pictures, layouts and site plan are in the Resort and Villa area of this website. Be sure to visit the related links for scuba information
Question How do we go about selling our week?
Answer Contact Ray Weigel-Specific Instructions are under the Owners Tab of the Menu
Question Any news regarding conditions after/during Floyd's visit? I am slated to stay there on my honeymoon from Sept. 19th through the 25th. I need to find out if I should cancel my plans. Please let me know what the conditions are like even if the resort is still in operation.

What was the damage from hurricane Floyd? How is the staff doing. Can we help in any way? We were there the week before and the water was the best 100Ft. visibility and 89 degrees. Hope the reefs will recover soon.


Answer We'll always try to keep you posted on this website as we get information. With power and phone outages during storms, communications are often cut off. If a Hurricane appears to be nearing Nassau, we will have a related link on our Home page as we did during hurricane Floyd during which we had periodic cell phone contact.

We did sustain some damage but not to the units. They were inundated with mess and debris and worked very hard to get the resort back to normal. It took a couple of weeks but no one needed to cancel their vacations. There were minor inconveniences during the 2 weeks after the hurricane. There was no fresh water available on the island to fill the pool for two weeks.

Steve and his staff went through a very difficult time trying to recover from this storm. I want all our owners to be aware of the tremendous effort and skill that they put forth. We are very fortunate!!!

All the guests at the club did stay and weathered the storm. Steve had a free happy hour on Thursday to try to cheer everyone.


Question Is Westwind Club affiliated with Westwind II?
Answer Although we were built and developed by the same people, we are totally separate from Westwind II.  Each resort is run by their own owner Board of Directors.  We have very friendly relations with them and you will find the staff at both resorts very accommodating.  Each resort is quite different in layout, theirs is larger and closer to the action while ours is more intimate and relaxing.
Question We saw in the documentation that Casinos have a "coat and tie" dress code.  Is there Casinos near by that accept more casual wear like golf bermudas and  shirts?
Answer There are two casinos in Nassau and both allow acceptable casual wear including shorts and golf shirts.  The closest casino is within walking distance.
Question We know the condo comes  with all  the amenities of home, but we were unclear as to things like a toaster,  shampoo, soap, or  towels (and if towels are supplied are they strictly bath towels or are beach  towels also  available?)


Answer All the units are fully furnished and equipped for six people; they are stocked with bath towels and bed linens - beach towels can be rented for $4/week per towel - and you are supplied with paper towels, toilet paper, bath soap, garbage bags, etc.; however, personal items like toothpaste, shampoos, hair dryers are not included. There is also a Mr. Coffee maker, toaster, blender and microwave in the kitchen.



Each of us holds title to our time-share interest by virtue of either an “Interval Ownership Deed” or an Assignment thereof.  Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary gives one definition of the word “interval” as:  “a space of time between events”.

With reference to our time-share, the “space of time” terminates in the year 2039.  Specifically, the Interval Ownership Deed provides that you have the “sole and exclusive interval ownership right and privilege to occupy the unit . . . in each and every year . . . terminating on the 24th day of January, 2039.”  Those of you who were not the original owners received ownership via an Assignment of the Interval Ownership Deed.  In general, the Assignment provided that your ownership was absolute:


“. . . for the remainder of the interval ownership period terminating on January 24 A.D., 2039, and for such further period as may then be determined by the owners of units in Westwind Club, and subject to the obligations, covenants and conditions set out in the initial Interval Ownership Deed.”


Several of our recent owners have actually read the document by which they are acquiring title!!  The result has been contact with me to understand the significance of the termination date of January 24, 2039.

The corporate records of Westwind (Declaration of Covenant, Articles III and XVIII) provide that the Board of Directors shall notify all members of the Association that the members of the Association shall meet sometime immediately before January 24, 2039 (not less than 30 days and no more than 60 days) at which time “a vote shall be taken to decide the disposition of the Westwind Club Property.”  The membership will have the choice to either terminate the Club or continue its existence for a further period of ten years.  If the vote is to continue the Club, then a similar procedure is followed for every ten years thereafter.  Article XVIII provides:


 At such meeting the members being the owners of unit weeks may by a majority vote resolve to terminate or to continue the Westwind Club building scheme; in case they resolve to continue it the Westwind Club building scheme . . . shall continue for a further period of Ten (10) years.


It goes on to provide that:


Should less than a majority of the members being the owners of unit weeks vote to continue the Westwind Club building scheme then the Board of Directors of the Association shall be authorized to sell in the open market the Westwind Club Property and distribute the proceeds of such sale to the owners of unit weeks according to the owners’ interest in the Association . . .


Personally, I cannot imagine a vote directing the sale of this little piece of paradise.